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With Mother’s Day coming up THIS Sunday, you need to be ready. While you know your mom would be understanding if you did not send a gift (with the current pandemic and all), you should absolutely send something to her – or the mother-figure in your life who is so incredibly important to you.

Stumped? It’s okay; we’re here for you. You’re bound to find the perfect present in this list of last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that can be delivered right to your mom’s doorstep.

☕ Yeti

No one wants to drink lukewarm coffee or melted smoothies. The Yeti is the perfect option regardless if your mom spends most of her time at home, or if she is on the go.

👓 Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These are some pretty stylish blue light blocking glasses you can get for the mother-figure in your life! If she spends a lot of time on her computer or tablet or even phone, these are a great option.

📷 Personalized Photo Album

Can’t you just picture your mom thumbing through a photo album and reminiscing about past years? If you’re not currently quarantine with her, she probably really misses you. So, gift her an album of all your favorite pictures from happy memories you’ve shared together! She will love to have a glimpse into your memories and what you do now.

🎶 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Help your mother maximize whatever time she has in the shower or bath with waterproof bluetooth speakers. She can listen to a podcast or jam out to a playlist in the few minutes she has to get ready in the mornings during a shower.

🌜 A Night Away

Go big and book a quarantined hotel room stay for your mom, alone. She will seriously enjoy the time to recharge, breathe, and not have to share the remote.

If your mom is the type who does not want to spend an evening alone, then go with her! She would love to have the one-on-one bonding time with you without the looming house chores.

🤗 A Massage

Skip the massage you tried to give your mom when you were younger and get her a gift card for a real massage. She’ll have something relaxing to look forward to when quarantine is over!

🌺 Painted Flower Pot

You can snag a paint-your-own flower pot. Let your artistic side flow as you paint, bake it to let the paint set, and pot an orchid, some tulips, or a friendly house plant for your mom. This is a great gift that will remind her of you every time she sees it.

📓 Line a Day Journal

Mother’s are known for keeping track of all the milestones in their family’s lives. Help her keep them organized in a one-line-a-day journal. At the end of the year, set some time aside to read back over the daily events.

🍎 Edible Arrangement

You may not be near enough to your mom to take her to brunch, but you can send part of brunch to her! An Edible Arrangement is a healthier option that she can enjoy throughout the weekend. Who doesn’t love fruit on a stick?

📿 Bar Necklace

This stylish necklace can be engraved with your initial or you and your siblings’ names. Even though you are usually in the forefront of your mother’s mind, having your initials on a necklace she can wear close to her heart will mean so much to her.

Whichever gift you chose for your last-minute Mother’s Day gift, make sure you include a thoughtful, handwritten card. Penning a few kind words of what your mother means to you, some memories that stick out to you, and how your relationship keeps you going will stick with her all year.

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