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It’s been almost a full month since the world has had to go into quarantine because of an incurable virus. Everyone is strongly urged to stay at home if they can to prevent the virus from spreading. 

For those of us with a significant other that we don’t live with, not being able to see them for a while in person can be hell. While the quarantine and social distancing are in effect, here are some ways to stay connected with your partner.

💬  Communication

Even without a pandemic that has everyone quarantined, communication is important in any healthy relationship. In the current digital age we live in, we’re lucky to have so many different ways to stay in touch. Whether you’re sending each other memes on instagram, sharing the latest tiktoks, or sending snaps of your meals to each other, there are some really creative ways to feel connected.

🎥  Watch a Movie Together

Video chatting apps make it possible to remotely watch a movie together. Either of you can put on a movie in your home, start a video chat and then position your device so they’re able to see the movie too. If the movie is on Netflix or Hulu, desktop apps such as Zoom have a screen share feature that can be used to watch a movie together.

📚  Read the Same Book

Even with all the digital devices we have, reading books have not gone extinct. If both of you have copies of the same book, you could read it together and talk about the plot together. Kindle can be used with screen sharing to remotely read a book together as well!

✨  Surprise Them!

Order food from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered to them. Bake some kind of treat to drop off at their house. Do whatever is available in your area since this virus has plenty of nonessential businesses closed.

💻  Scheduled Facetimes

Facetime and other video chatting apps are useful during times like this. Being able to hear their voice can be the next best thing to seeing each other face to face. Schedule a certain time every day when you two can talk on Facetime. Make a cute little date out of it! Schedule it for dinner. You can both eat your dinner, drink your wine, and enjoy a meal together!

💕  Phone Sex

An aspect of every healthy relationship is sex. With quarantine and social distancing, it’s probably best to avoid physical contact for the time being. If you’re finding yourself sexually deprived in quarantine, you can send naughty photos and videos to each other. You can talk dirty to each other through texting and video calls. It might not be the same as physical touching, but it can still get steamy and really build some anticipation for the real thing after quarantine. 😉

It’s definitely the time to get creative with interacting remotely. Luckily, there are plenty of video apps and programs to keep us all connected. It’s okay to be scared or worried about where this virus is going to go since no one knows what’s going to happen in the next few months. Just make sure to take care of yourself and check in with your partner along with other loved ones often.

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