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Stuck in Quarantine?

So you’re single. Maybe you’re newly single. Maybe you’ve been single for years. Maybe you like it that way. Maybe you don’t. And you’ve finally made the decision to rejoin the wonderful world of dating. But now there’s just one little hurdle for you to jump – quarantine. How will you ever find love in a world forced into social distancing practices?

Fortunately, today’s technology has never been more able to help equip single ladies with easy, accessible options for finding and making connections in our personal lives. We’ve got resources readily available at the touch of a button to take matters into our own hands and conquer love in the time of quarantine.

stuck in quarantine

💖  Dating Apps

Of course you probably knew where this was going. With all kinds of shut downs we can’t hold on to the old fantasy of a meet cute with someone at the bar who orders the same drink as you. Or accidentally taking someone else’s drink at a coffee shop and making it up to them later. You’ve got to get your virtual flirt on.

So whether you’re an award winning swiping professional or you’ve never once logged in to a dating app, it’s clear that this is going to be your biggest ally in isolation. Scope out the app store and find one (or more) that’s a great fit for you – there are so many out there! You’ve got options to fit your lifestyle, sexual preferences, dating goals, and schedule. Get that profile set up, start swiping, and make those connections.

💖  First Date

You’ve been talking to someone, you’re both interested, and now it’s time for the next big step – the first date. The social distancing solution? Video calls! You can easily make that first face to face contact in a virtual format. It’s honestly a safer option than an in person meeting with someone you’ve only ever chatted with in an app or over text. Plus if you’re calling from the comfort of your own home, there’s so much less pressure and your personality can really shine through. And if it’s going badly it’s so much easier to get out of a call than leaving a public setting and heading home.

It’s a great time to get creative – maybe each of you orders takeout and drinks and you enjoy them while on a FaceTime call with each other. Or maybe you give a house tour from afar. Or maybe things get sexy. It’s all up to you.

💖  Me Time

We all know that there are plenty of options available to keep ourselves occupied and satisfied without a partner in the picture. Sexual frustration is a real, real thing, but there are plenty of ways to work around it. If you don’t have someone around to help stimulate you, there are myriads of toys on the market (many on sale for help in these trying times) to help your solo play. If toys aren’t your thing, there’s no shame in good old fashioned manual self-satisfaction. It’s a tried and true way to maintain your sexual wellbeing without posing any health risks to partners or people around you.

💖  Date Yourself

Sexy time not your thing? That’s fine too – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! That doesn’t mean you can’t have special time with yourself, especially if you have roommates. Think of quarantine like a stay-cation. Get gourmet and order some fancy takeout and stock up your home bar for a swanky night in. Or amp up your grocery game and prep a homemade meat and cheese board and pair it with a tasty bottle of wine. To top it off, pull up your favorite streaming service and find a brand new movie to watch with your dinner. No one around to interrupt? Sounds like a great night to yourself.

Being single can be so much fun and that doesn’t have to change. People in long term relationships say all the time that there’s nothing like that first thrill of dating and getting to know someone new; and single ladies get to do that as much as they want! We ladies can continue being our fantastic, go-getter, hilarious, one of a kind, genuine selves while resourcefully and creatively adjusting our approach to finding a mate. There’s no match for social distance and the single woman in 2020.

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